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I really enjoy this new medium of Anime. Although I realize it has been well established for quite a few years in Japan, here in America it is just finding its wings with a mass audience and starting to fly. I personally was introduced to Anime by the Sci-Fi channel when they showed their premiere of Robot Carnival. I taped and enjoyed watching this show over and over again. My second and most impressive view of Anime was given to me by a friend who brought over what is considered to be the ultimate Anime film AKIRA. After watching this movie I was totally hooked (the illustration is absolutely amazing). With its attention to detail and far out plot I found it to be a most fascinating film. The patience and detail that the Japanese artist give to this medium really pays off in believability. It's not just a cartoon its a legitimate adult platform for story-telling. I'm always amazed when the credits roll and they get to the names of the story-board/animators, it usually takes several screens to display them all. The energy in manpower and hours is "Through the Roof", which is why I can see it not being done in America. We rarely have the patience or finances to accomplish such an artistic endeavor. On the other hand this medium seems to be quintessentially Japanese, with it's attention to detail and complex story-telling.

After having been so impressed by this art form I thought that I would add my opinion on the subject to my web area. I will only address those shows that I have seen personally and leave to others the job of complete Anime archive. Enjoy !

Recently I had a chance to watch a film with the Project A-Ko characters A-Ko, B-Ko, and C-Ko. Project A-Ko vs. Battles 1 and 2 (Yea I know, great tittle they came up with) and I was really impressed. One of the best action comedies I've seen in a long time.

Story-line ? I'd thought you'd never ask.

Little girl has birthday/kidnapping on industrial fathers space ship/fleet. Bad guys take/escape with little girl into space. Bad guys have ship problems and little girl is dumped onto planet. Big girl lives with other big girl. Little girl wanders into big girls house. Little girl eats big girls dinner and causes general mayhem. Little girls kidnappers show up and large fight/chase ensues. Little girl is taken to bad guys ship with big girls in pursuit. Little girl is possessed by soul of old hag who controls the power of a three headed planet/galaxy devouring dragon which will be used to destroy the universe. Big girls and kidnappers have large fight/chase on bad guys ship. Big girls destroy soul of old hag and reunite little girl with rich (but now broke after trying to secure the release of his daughter from kidnappers) industrial father who gives big girls reward consisting of large box of dried squids.

Hmm I guess I forgot to mention the small tennis ball who turns out to be a member of the space patrol that is hunting down the bad guys in an attempt to stop them from destroying the universe.
Well hopefully you get the picture. This is one wild story with a lot of fun and action. Hey Check It Out when you have the chance. I'm sure you'll agree it's a wild ride.

The Grand-daddy of Anime and considered to be the best example and most popular of the genera.
What is AKIRA about ? Well one of the great things about this show is its defiance of "niche" categorizing. It's about quit a few things and reaches it's audience on many different levels. There's the story of two orphans and their relationship and experiences as they grow up. It's the story of the scientific advancement of the human race and the struggle of man to make himself more then he is by forced evolution. It's the story of three small children drafted into an experiment they had no control over and what became of their lives. It's the story of a post holocaust government and how it lost control of one of the most devastating scientific projects. It's about one mans military experience overriding decision's made by politicians through force of arms and for the good of the people. It's about a teenage biker gang and its quest for recognition and dominance in its fight for the streets of New Tokyo. It's about a popular revolt and the demands of the people to know the truth. It is this thought provoking story, with it twists and turns, that deifies you to keep up with it as it progresses to its shattering conclusion that makes AKIRA the icon of Anime that it is today.

Well worth the rental fee, so check it out at your local video store and be sure not to be disturbed or make a fridge raid while watching. With so many critical images, you don't want to miss a thing.

Based on the idea that "more is better" this series of movies takes a tongue in check look at a city plagued by crime and the unique solution used to subdue those criminals. The Tank Police are an armored arm of the regular police force designed to fight extreme criminal behavior with extreme fire power. As we see this novel solution has its drawbacks to both infrastructure, and the civilian population. This idea is also put to the test by an ever increasingly armed and armored criminal cast not the least of which are Buaku, the Puma sisters, and the Syndicate. These criminal elements will stop at nothing to reach their goal. Even destroying the bulk of the Tank Police forces while trying to carry out their criminal plans.

The movie also follows a new recruit to the Tank Police Leona Ozaki. Recently transferred from the motorcycle division, she has to prove her worth before being accepted as a true member of the Tank Police.

Here are some .wav files from Part 1 Acts I&II so I'll let the characters speak for themselves.

  • During the opening scene the Mayor is concerned about the crime wave that is sweeping the city , the Chief tells her what he feels is needed :
    "tank_1.wav" 319,980 bytes.
  • A section of the opening music (its contagious so watch out):
    "tank_2.wav" 637,188 bytes.
  • The Puma sisters get ready for a diversion:
    "puma_rtn.wav" 109,452 bytes.
  • The Lieutenant explains to Leona what the first basic patrol rule of a tank policemen is:
    "cap_love.wav" 82,620 bytes.
  • Annapuma's thought about the hospital labs:
    "puma_crp.wav" 19,350 bytes.
  • Leona and Al are concerned about tank police methods:
    "cap_trot.wav" 205,300 bytes.
  • While Leona, Al, and the Lieutenant are on patrol Buaku's gang decides to make thing interesting:
    "puma_rer.wav" 223,654 bytes.
  • Al tells Leona to what to do:
    "leona_tk.wav" 147,980 bytes.
  • The Lieutenant gives his own opinion about Leona driving off with his tank:
    "cap_kid.wav" 72,300 bytes.
  • Leon's lucky shot prompts the following comment from Buaku:
    "tank_pay.wav" 102,282 bytes.
  • The chaplain reminds Leona:
    "mask.wav" 42,028 bytes.
  • Unipuma gets ready to see her new tank:
    "puma_goo.wav" 48,908 bytes.
  • The new tanks are not what the Puma sisters expected:
    "puma_old.wav" 60,690 bytes.
  • The mayors thoughts on the tank police's recent attempts to capture Buaku and the Puma sisters:
    "elite.wav" 91,564 bytes.

  • The Puma Sisters:

    The Pope says "your going to hell if you watch these girls".

    Your parents say "what are those crazy cartoons your watching" !

    Your grandma says "That's nice dear, now eat your dinner"

    Bob Dole says "with those girls on the ticket we can't loose" ! (I told you to keep using them Bob : )

    You say "dribble, dribble, drool, oh baby"

    And of course this brings us to everyone's favorite reason for watching the Tank Police Annapuma and Unipuma, the Puma sisters. Identical in thought and dead these girls are bad to the bone both in looks and criminal behavior. Yes nobody looks better while killing or kills better if your not looking . Anarchy thy name is the Puma sisters. (and you thought Pamala Anderson Lee was the first bad girl in leather, shoot um' up, cover girl)

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