Scott P. Lindquist
286 Pendryn Hill Overlook, Woodbury, MN 55125
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Career Objective:
Currently Employed and loving it !

The opportunity to create and manage data networks that provide strong reliable services that enhance users productivity and livelihoods in a corporate setting.

Associate's Degree, February 1995
Certified Careers Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah
Major: Computer Science, GPA - 4.0

Certified Computer Network Administrator, August 1996
Certified Careers Institute , Salt Lake City, Utah
Major: PC Network Administration, GPA - 4.0

  • Essential Seminars, September 1993, Advanced PC Troubleshooting
  • National Instruments, January 1996, Labview Programming and Data Acquisition
  • Intermountain Technical Solutions, June 1996, HAZOPR (40 hour), OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations
  • Intermountain Technical Solutions, September 1996, HAZOPR (Supervisor), OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations
  • American Research Group, June 1997, Baynetworks basic router installation and configuration.
  • US West !NTERPRISE, September 1997, Introduction to CISCO Router Configuration.
  • US West !NTERPRISE, October 1997, Advanced CISCO Router Configuration.
  • Netrex Inc., April 1998, CCSA Certified Checkpoint Security Administrator.
  • Netrex Inc., April 1998, CCSE Certified Checkpoint Security Engineer.
  • Xylan Corporation, Dec 1998, Xylan SwitchExpert Certification.
  • Digital Lightwave, March 1999, ASA-312 SONNET-ATM-DS3-DS0 certification.
  • Xylan Corporation, April 1999, Advanced IP Routing (AIPR).
  • Xylan Corporation, April 1999, OmniMSS: Xylan's ATM Multi-protocol Services Server.
  • Alcatel IND - Packet Engines , March 2000, Advanced Power Rail/OmniCore switch/router configuration.
  • Network Associates, Feb 2001, TNV-112-GUI: Sniffer Pro for DOS Sniffer Experts.
  • Network Associates, Feb 2001, TNV-218-GUI: ATM Network Analysis and Troubleshooting.
  • Alcatel eND, July 2001, Alcatel Switch Expert (ACSE).
  • Alcatel eND, February 2005, Alcatel Certified Switch Profesinal(ACSP5).
  • Alcatel eND, April 2005, Alcatel Certified Switch Specialist(ACSS5).
  • Alcatel eND, December 2005, Alcatel Certified Switch Exspert(ACSE5).


    Alcatel eND - Calabasas, California - December 1998 to Present

    Alcatel eND Field Services / Senior Resident Engineer
    Assigned to 3M Company.

    @3M Company - St. Paul, Minnesota - December 1998 to Present

    Corporate Telecommunications Group As Alcatel on site Senior Resident Engineer am in charge of all on site coordination and support activities for the Alcatel 3M account. Provide on site interface with all levels of 3M and Alcatel management. Provide site trouble identification, escalation, and training for 3M personnel. Provide network design, analysis, trouble shooting, lab testing, and support for 3M Companies new ATM/Switched Ethernet network. Provide installation support for 110 existing switches on our way to over 220 total switches. Support ATM/Switched Ethernet migration of 18,000 St. Paul users of which 7,000 have been migrated from shared media to ATM/Switched Ethernet environment. Provide technical support for 3M-network design and lab out new design criteria as needed. Trouble shoot ATM/Switched Ethernet connectivity in a LANE/CIP environment. Trouble shoot physical ATM connectivity with Alcatel switch UI, GUI tools and Digital Lightwave ASA-312 SONNET-ATM-DS0-DS3 test device. Provide lab support for Network Management tool validation, new design concept, and trouble shooting of 3M issues. Work with ATM - FDDI - Token Ring - Ethernet media in an IP - IP encapsulated - SNA - Decnet - AppleTalk protocol environment. Provide 802.1q standards based VLAN tagging validation, bench marking, and installation support. Provide packet decode client/server and network trouble resolution. Provide Enterprise data back up bench marking and design support. Currently providing lab testing and network design support for GIG Ethernet, VRRP, Multi Spanning Tree 802.1q trunking, and Fast Spanning Tree.

    GMAC Residential Finance Corp, Bloomington, Minnesota - August 1997 to December 1998

    LAN/WAN Network Analyst/Engineer Assigned to the Network Admin group to design, procure, install, monitor, and maintain Cisco Routers, Access Servers, and Switches in a LAN/WAN environment. Provided installation and configuration of Cisco 7000/4000/3000/2500 series routers for serial HDLC/Frame Relay/X.25, HSSI, FDDI, Token, Ethernet connectivity and routing, including RIP/IGRP/EIGRP, and IP, IPX, communications protocols. Lead installation and configuration of Cisco Access Servers AS5300/AS5200 PPP/ASYNC/ISDN PRI/T1 dial in communications network devices with Cisco Secure TACACS+ Authentication server. Provide installation and configuration of Cisco Catalyst 5500/5000 switches including design and installation of VLAN topology and ISL trunking. Lead Internet Checkpoint Firewall-1 installation, redundancy, VPN and security support for corporate Intranet, Internet and Electronic Commerce. Provide telecommunications installation and support for OC3 SHNS ATM Campus, DS3, PRI, T1, and partial T Data/Telecommunications access pipes. Provide real-time monitoring and network support with HP OpenView and Cisco's CiscoWorks proactive monitoring tools. Provide LAN/WAN network troubleshooting with Network General "Sniffer" packet analysis tools. Provide legacy network asset support including Motorola dial in chassis, USR Total control Hubs, Attachmate IPX/SNA gateways for IBM host connectivity, Cubix, and IDNX equipment.

    AEROTEK, St. Paul, Minnesota - March 1997 to August 1997

    Contractor/Consultant - Senior PC/Network Analyst/Engineer
    Assigned to H.B. Fuller Company.

    H. B. Fuller - St. Paul, Minnesota - March 1997 to August 1997

    Corporate Information Technologies "IT", Network Services (Wide Area Network group) As AEROTEK Contractor, provide network analysis and support for H. B. Fuller corporate rollout of Wide Area Network to include systems design, procurement, hardware configuration, and on site installation of frame relay routers, concentrators, hubs, and switches, and telecommunications contractor's setup and configurations for T1/PRI/BRI, lease line and frame relay with communications speeds ranging from 33.6 KBPS to 1.54 MBPS. Provide serial, Token Ring and Ethernet connectivity for all existing corporate LAN and IBM AS400 segments. Work with DHCP/DNS server to provide dynamic name resolution and IP assignment and develop class "B"/"C" IP DHCP ranges for all WAN segments. Provide Remote Access support with Shiva, Motorola 925, and RLN dial-in/out systems. Provide Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x server and LAN support as required to support WAN rollout and installed user base. Provide design, product evaluation and installation of "Wireless" Ethernet and handheld terminal/bar code scanning for inventory/product control of production materials.

    Lockheed Martin Services Group, Dugway, Utah - January 1995 to March 1997

    Test Engineer/Test Officer (ODOBi - "Bang Box") - October 1996 to March 1997

    In charge of all support personnel. Responsibilities include direct coordination and supervision of all engineering, design, procurement and fabrication personnel and functions required to install and operate the ODOBi/BangBox sites. Provide technical and site coordination for employees and outside contractor personnel. Supervise test site, test control and coordination during explosive detonation and sampling activities. Develop and modify quality control and procedural documentation in the form of standard operating procedures and letters of instruction. Specific responsibilities include supervising and coordinating activities associated with systems analysis, procurement and installation of electrical systems, computer hardware, data acquisition, communications and network systems, emissions/environmental sampling equipment, instrumentation and manifold, and firing line systems. Note: Promotion to this position was fastest in 15 year history of the Lockheed Martin field and test support contract at Dugway Proving Ground.

    Senior Network/Computer Systems/Data Acquisition Engineer - October 1995 to October 1996

    As lead network engineer at the Propellant, Explosive, and Pyrotechnic Thermal Treatment Test and Evaluation Facility ("Bang box") was responsible for the redesign, procurement, installation, and supervision of the total network, communications and data acquisition systems replacements and upgrades. This included: complete fiber connectivity, server upgrades to MS Windows NT 3.51, full enterprise fault tolerance (including complete backup, real-time file mirroring, automatic take over and start up of backup file server when system failure detected), MS Windows NT/95 work/data display stations, TCP/IP real-time data transfer, display and remote control of data acquisition system, National Instruments data acquisition system with Labview 4.0 "G" programming and SCXI analog/digital hardware installation, integrated all instrumentation outputs to include RTD's, thermocouples, analog voltage/current signals and digital I/O for all power relay control into the data acquisition system, LAN to WAN bridging for Internet communications and data connectivity. All upgrades completed within government specified time frames. Provided USEPA/SERDEP/Dugway explosive emissions test support with data acquisition and display via fiber networked systems. Began network/computer systems/communication/data acquisition systems analyses, design and procurement scheduling for the new hardened version of the test site (ODOBi).

    Network Administrator/Systems Analyst - June 1995 to October 1995

    In charge of all Novell netware functions, LAN/WAN communications, and user support. Relocated all users, work stations, file server and LAN from temporary facilities to permanent upgraded facility. Provided hardware and system analysis in procurement support for systems streamlining and upgrading. Designed, procured and led the installation of the first asynchronous remote computer work station for off-site customer access to network resources and information. Provided all remote site installation, tear down, and hardware/software support for peer to peer WfWG network.

    Scientific Programmer - January 1995 to June 1995

    Developed and tested computer programs and documentation. Modified existing programs to meet changing test requirements. Performed various analytical tasks as assigned. Maintained all communications and daily program up/down loads with home offices via frame relay and an automated NT files batch process. Provided streamlining and updating of administrative programs. Provided hardware/software support to LAN users when functioning as the Assistant Network Administrator.

    General Manager - Best Satellite Systems, Ogden, Utah - January 1994 to December 1994

    In charge of sales, ordering, servicing, troubleshooting, maintenance, and installation of TVRO home satellite systems. Provided customer support, maintenance and installation scheduling. Developed, programmed and implemented a customer database to track all sales and customer information. This allowed, for the first time, a historical and working look at the Best Satellite customer base.

    Airman to Non-Commissioned Officer - Munitions Systems Specialist
    July 1981 to December 1992

    United States Air Force - USA, Great Britain, Germany
    Responsible for inspection, storage, and maintenance of nuclear and conventional munitions systems. Supervised and trained up to seven NCO's and airmen. Maintained supply and equipment accounts totaling over $3.3 million. Organized, implemented and supervised deployment of personnel to forward operating locations. Wrote munitions tracking programs and provided support and technical information during initial implementation of stand alone PC system.

    Consulting: - February 1995 to Present

  • Pinnacle Financial, Ogden, Utah: Troubleshooting on existing hardware and installation of NIC cards with drivers, and 10 Base T hub with WfWG peer to peer software to allow for sharing of common printer and files.
  • Tronix Corp., Ogden, Utah: Set up Web account with virtual hosting. Authored HTML WWW site which allows both advertising and secure product ordering.
  • V & T Computer Specialists, Syracuse, Utah: Set up Web account with virtual hosting. Developed HTML WWW site which allows for advertising and secure product ordering.
  • Youth Center, Dugway, Utah: Provide computer literacy training and support for up to 12, 8-18 year old students in an evening program at an on-site computer lab. Also responsible for the Novell Netware 4.X file server used for all offices in the building.
  • SSI Software Sources Inc., Woodbury, Minnesota: Set up Web account with virtual hosting. Developed HTML WWW site which allowed for advertising services for IT professionals.

    Expertise Areas:

    -Alcatel Omistack, Omniswitch,
    OmniSwitch Router, OmniCore
    -Alcatel Omni MSS (IBM 8210)
    -Cisco Routers, Access Servers,
    Catalyst Switches
    -Frame Relay, HDLC,
    and X.25 protocols
    -ISL/VLAN Configuration
    -ISDN/ASYNC communications
    -Windows NT 3.X/4.X Server
    -Novell Netware 3.X/4.X
    -Baynetworks Routers, Hubs,
    and Switches
    -Token Ring and Host
    Decnet, AppleTalk,NetBEUI
    -Network Printing (HP JetDirect)
    -DHCP/DNS Services
    -NASI/NT serial communications
    -USR/3com Total Control Hubs
    -Motorola 925 Accessway with
    T1, PRI, BRI, DHM-E
    -Shiva LandRover 8 and 8E
    Remote Access boxes
    -Enterprise Fault Tolerance
    -Network Systems Design/Analysis
    and Implementation
    -Xylan X-Vision NMS
    -Network Associates Sniffer/Sniffer Pro
    -Net X-Ray
    -CicsoSecure TACACS+
    -Check Point Firewall 1
    -HP OpenView
    -Baynetwork Site Manager
    -Advanced HTML
    -Basic JAVA Script
    -Labview "G"
    -Visual Basic
    -Dbase III/III+/IV/V
    -Symantec PC Anywhere
    -Novell GroupWise and AD
    -Paint Shop Pro
    -GIF Construction Utility
    -MS Office Suite
    -Word Perfect Suite

    Hardware Skills:
    -Electronics Theory
    -Semi-conductor Theory
    -Codes and Logic
    -MPU Architecture
    -MPU Interfacing
    -PC Construction
    -PC Troubleshooting
    -PC Repair
    -PC Hardware Configuration
    -Digital/Analog Data Acquisition
    and Systems Control
    -Installation Configuration
    Routers Dial-In systems
    Hubs Switches
    -Systems Design/Analysis
    and Implementation

    Operating Systems:
    -Windows 2000
    -Windows NT 3.X/4.X
    -Windows 95/98/ME
    -Windows 3.X
    -HP UX

    References available upon request

    Updated Jan 2002