The Lizard man warrior shakes his leg and groans in pain as he looks on with horror at what is happening to him. Though he defends his nation and its interests with as much zeal as any of his kind, sadly today he has seen too much … the wrong place at the wrong time. Blood flows freely from a small wound in his thigh, the creature biting through the tough scales of his upper leg is beginning to hit critical flesh and veins. A dark elf arrow protrudes from his waist, the opening shot of this fight in the lizards claimed territory of the high frontier. Just moments ago his patrol had been resting from its rounds when the silent deadly object found its mark in him, as if by magic it appeared form nowhere to inflict its pain and suffering. He and his brothers jumped up to meet the attackers with their usual gusto but this time was different. Where in the past silly humans would dare to enter their territory and summarily be killed or sent screaming back to their own, these small dark forums where tearing apart his friends and now himself. Another bite to his leg inflicts yet more damage and the lizard sees the small creature looking malevolently into his own eyes as its teeth sink into his own flesh. A sudden shock … another arrow shaft “magically” protrudes from his chest and his battle lust begins to fade. He sees his friends dead around him and realizes his time in this world is coming to an end. He swings a last blow at a dark warrior who has come to face him. A blue wave shimmers through the air from the warrior directed at him. As the wave lands all thoughts of the small beast biting his leg, or the far bowman disappear. He sees the dark warrior and knows nothing but pure hatred for him. He will fight him to the death and kill the dark creature that he hates with a single focus. He will die on my blade so that my countrymen may be safe. These are his last thoughts as the dark warrior weaves his dance of steel and hits the last of his untouched vital organs.

“Well done cousins.”

“These lizzies make for a good hunting and my new present feeds well on their tough hides.”

The elf healer comments to his kinsmen.

Though a difficult fight in which he has had to call upon the powers of light to heal his darker kinsmen their prowess in battle grows with ever season. Akede warrior, Dynereir bowmen, Hoth healer, Vorgen lord and warrior king.

I am honored to be included in their hunt this day and even more so by the present given me by my cousin Dynereir.

I refelect on it and my kinsmens instruction.

A small flute of wood intertwined with some foreign material that I have never seen.

After handing me the small object and allowing me to examine it Dynereir pulls out a similar flute and begins to play.

“Watch carefully kinsmen, for I have entrusted you with a mighty responsibility as well as a royal gift.”

As he plays the flute a bright magic circle forms in front of him and form this circle a beast no larger then a small pony appears in front of him.

"By Eva’s Breasts it’s a dragon!"

Dynereir smiles at the expression on my face.

“Now cousin pay attention, you also now have a dragon hatchling to rear and control.”

His instruction continues in the control care and feeding of my new beast and I soon feel ready to summon it from the dragon plane.

It is then that we encounter our hunt’s first creatures. A patrol of lizard men is standing in the wood ahead of us. My kinsmen fan out to ambush the unsuspecting warriors and I play my new gift as instructed. On the ground forums the bright magic circle and from the circle appears the beast, the dragon hatchling ... my dragon hatchling. As he gazes intently into my eyes I send the commands as instructed by my kinsmen. Attack my pet Attack, slay these lizard beasts as your forefathers did in times of old. Though he does not appear to understand all of my thoughts a devilish sneer appears on his tiny face at the attack commands I give. He turns and runs with all haste and no fear and quickly attaches himself to the leg of one of the last of the lizard men warriors still fighting. He bites and gnaws his way into the inner flesh of the lizard warrior who appears to stare at him and thinks to swing his sword to remove this small beast on his leg. The quiet bowstring snap is heard just behind me and fast as lightning the arrow passes my head on its sure path to the lizard men. As it lands the lizzardmens gaze turns upwards towards us. It is then that Akede quickly approaches him. He casts his spell of hatred upon the creature and begins his dance of destruction. It is not long there after that the warrior falls to the earth and breaths his last. My pet continues to chew on its thigh until I call for it to return to me.

“Indeed a royal gift my cousin, I thank thee greatly for bestowing it upon me.”

Dynereir’s dark smile spreads on his face, as he turns to continue the hunt.

“Come small one.” “I have more ruinous tasks for you.” The dragon turns and grins, his teeth glistening in anticipation of their next meal. His demonic stare brings back dark memories ...

previous lives? ... previous experiences?

I am having a waking dream. Another face with a similar smile comes to my mind, though I cannot place it in my dim dark past … Malevolent eyes and an insatiable evil grin …

“remember me now eternal play thing" … "remember me" …

“Dam!” “Get down!”

Blood oozes from the small marks in my arm and my waking dream is interrupted by my new pet who has jumped onto me for food and attention … Arioch.

“By Eva’s breasts, careful with your master small one!”

“Arioch sit now!”

His head snaps to face me as he complies with my commands, again the evil sneer of delight cross its small face, and as he stares at me his left eye winks as if to acknowledge and approve of his name.

“Come Arioch”
Updated Feb 2006
Copy write Scott Lindquist