crosses the temple courtyard as I meditate on my cousins and our seeming distance from strife and worry. We have all gone to some degree our separate ways since arriving at our hallowed Welcome to Hoth's Fantasy musing and stories.
halls. The rest well deserved by all is greatly appreciated by our leaders and as I see them from time to time in the distance, a renewed spring in their step and energy to their presence, do I witness. Aramina and Ti’Galia especially seem to have re-gained their more youthful glow and demeanor… no more worries … no more responsibilities … life and death are not their main concern … But the study of natures beauty and of the knowledge gained while in the mortal realms now is their quiet labor… I too have had time to consider the many hardships and losses, and perhaps now feel as whole as I have for many many moons. But on the breath of this breeze something gathers my attention… A voice I have not heard for some time ... A strong voice … a leaders voice … our leader … At long last he speaks his will and walks among us … I smile both inwardly and outwardly … The Lok-ri are on the move … Mylord Vorgen has awakened ... The honored past will now become the courageous future… The motes of dust are blown from my feet and through the archway out of the courtyard where I sit … The future is that way…
Updated Feb 2006
Copy write Scott Lindquist