With her last sorrowful breath she speaks the name of true love …


And with that her pale fair skin so full of radiance and life turns flat and hollow. Her eyes stare sightlessly at the ceiling and in the background two small voices cry out for love and attention.

The midwife too lets out a small distressed breath as a single tear slides down the side of her weathered cheek.

She turns to the doorway and motions to the Elder herb master who has helped through the night in their struggle to save the now lifeless maid. No lore craft or potion was enough to mend that, which with the loss of her love, was broken asunder. He too motions to some in the hall way and several stout elves walk into the room and bear away the body on a lien draped litter which would shortly become the shroud of her internment into the eternities.

As the mother is born away the tiny voices sob as one …

The midwife quickly signs a farewell and brushes away the tear on her face and then with practiced motion picks up the two bundles … the two elven girls as full of life and radiance as to light the surrounding area. Both the fair green sea foam complexion of their mother. One with dusty colored main and electric green eyes, the other a dark swath of grey green hair and eyes of clear pale blue.

Now in the midwives arms the two girls settle into their dispositions. The eyes of the first born of fiery greens dart around the room as if to take in all of her surroundings, while the other with an almost knowing glance drifts slowly off into light slumber.

The body now attended too the Herb master returns to the room and stares directly into the midwives eyes.

“What shall become of these lost souls … Brought to us in such sad circumstances.”

The midwife stares down into the faces of her young charges, and then with a determined look she stares back at the Herb master.

“The first shows signs of fire and life … She I shall take to the temple of nature. The sisters there will give her the test, and if found to be worthy she shall travel the road of nature and knowledge.

But then the old women glances away from the Herb master … her voice cracks with emotion.

“But this one … this one shall I take as my own, though my husband and I are old even by our kinsmen’s reckoning. The gods have deemed it that we should not bring our own children into this world and I see this death as a sign … a new life is given too me … for me … and so I say that we shall raise her as our own as if she came from my own loins. My husband is now through with military service to our lord and tends our home and fields. He and I shall spend what time we have filling this young one with love and knowledge.”

“And the naming ritual? Did she speak to thee at all of how they would be called?”

“Aye .. She knew the time was drawing near for their arrival and spoke of a vision of their father holding both of them firmly and calling their names out … Helena … and Terrenna. Though how this vision could be true is beyond my understanding for Hoth and his nearest kin have been lost into the desert for now gone eight months. They are surely … dead … dead by the hand of these desert devils … “

“Very well midwife and honored one .. It shall be done as you have directed.”

And with that the midwife slowly walked out of the house of death and into the world of life … Three hearts beating at first slowly in mourning … and then faster with the hope of the future.
Updated Feb 2006
Copy write Scott Lindquist