With my arrival in this new world of Lineage II I have heard rumors of mylord Vorgen and other House members exploits. I have even meet one of my cousins at the elven world tree and he was kind enough to assist me with answers to many of my questions of this new world and even with the donation of some well-crafted gear.

With this new information and gear I have spoken with the elves of the world tree and adventured in close proximity of its comforting presence. There are many dangers in the wild woods and glades and though initially I was able to quell some of its minor beats and help some of those who had been attacked by larger ones I find myself at a standstill. I have begun to relearn what I use to know as a small elf at my mothers knee. The healing arts that I was once master of, I now am but a bumbling appreciate here in this new world.

I see many adventures travel from the world tree well equipped and trained in the arts of war and they return with tails of adventure and the spoils of their hunts, but sadly these are not the ways of a healer. My meditation and studies lead not to victory over the monsters or the wilds but to the subtle arts of tending the sick and powerful arts of healing the grossly wounded in battle. My staff and spells that can be used for damage in self- defense are less then effective against those creatures that inhabit this world beyond the elven glade.

And so with the knowledge of my own frailty in mind I begin a journey to find our Lord and the inner council of the House to make a request.

Through difficult and torturous terrain and many perverse obstacles I must run, hide, and beguile my way towards my kin in the wilds of this world.

But finally in the distance I see the bright banners of the house floating softly on the breeze over a small but plush encampment. The guards give a respectful hail as I approach the temporary compound and I return it.

I quickly ask for direction to Lord Vorgen's main sanctuary and once there I am again met by the guard and perchance see our fine Blood Guard Lieutenant and commander Lady Liahn.

“Mylady if you please, I would speak to those of the inner council if I may on a matter that is urgent to me personally.”

“Aye Hoth it is good to see you again in this new world.” ”I will ask that you be admitted to see those who are here at camp.” ”Please wait here old one and rest yourself.”

“I thank thee mylady. You are as courteous as you are beautiful.”

As I wait a servant brings me refreshment and another allows me to wash some of the journeys hardships from myself and raiment. Shortly there after Liahn appears and motions me through a portal in the side of the inner council chamber tent. Once inside I see a comfortably furnished chamber with large semi-circular table at its center. A skylight lights the tent from above, and candles light the walls and artwork. The walls themselves are tastefully covered in elven tapestries depicting many historical scenes of the mighty House Lok-ri and even Lok-ri himself. Seated at the table I see Mylady Aramina and Lord Ssinjin chatting in a respectful tone and smiling at some piece of wit shared amongst peers. Mylady Liahn also seats herself at the council table to listen to my request. They all gracefully rise to greet me as I enter and bacon me to sit. I am great full for this chance to speak with them and share my thoughts, as I know they will give heed to what is spoken and that their council will be wise indeed.

“Hail my cousins!”

“As the Sea!”

“You are all looking hardy and hail here in this new world and I appreciate this opportunity to sit with thee.” “I need your council … nay I need more then that and I hope this tired old elf can still be of service to you and the house.”

They all gaze on me intently and Lady Aramina motions me to continue. I take the time to tell them of my daughter Helena and how she is progressing into womanhood, my journey to this new world, and my current inability to progress in my skills and learning.

“Mylord, Mylady, my true purpose for coming here this day is to ask Lord Vorgen and the members of the Inner Council to accept a humble old elfs services … and to ask for your patronage as I journey back to usefulness.” “I know that I am still weak from the journey to this new world but I hope with your guidance and support to recover form this temporary malady, and to become the artisan I once was in the Houses service.”

“What say you to an old healer my noble kin?”

“And can you bring this request to Mylord Vorgen?”

A silence hangs in the air as the council members gaze upon me and then to each other.
Updated Feb 2006
Copy write Scott Lindquist