And so the heady fumes of adventure have taken hold again within the House.

Not a fortnight has passed since Lord Vorgen's hurried call to his kin to gather to him for council, and in full battle regalia and with all of the inner council present our Lord and leader announced that we would send an advanced scouting party to this new world known as Lineage II to test ourselves and our knowledge against those who inhabit that place.

With this challenge given, many great members of the House set sail for this new world and began to explore and conquer its indigenous inhabitants. While those left behind waited anxiously for news. And as the news of their adventures and exploits arrived home to our beloved sanctuary shores many more began to leave for this new world in the hopes of adventuring again with their kin.

I too find myself drawn to this new adventure. The need for change and kinship strong within me.

Since my arrival back to our homelands I have been unable to truly enjoy the peace they offer to us and our kin. Many thoughts of unfinished business continue to whirl in my chaotic mind. Having been accustom to receiving guidance from my patron Braialla its absence … her absence since leaving the shards of SB behind have left me in a continual state of unease. Her comforting presence no longer able to stabilize thoughts of my difficult past.

Unlike me, Helena has taken root here and her studies continue in the ways of nature and magiks. She grows more mature each day, and her inner fire is stoked with the knowledge that she now consumes in Lord Vorgen’s massive libraries. She is content for now as she learns the lore of our ancient ancestors.

But contentment is not a word I can use… and so driven to find what I know I need … but cannot name … I choose also to sail to this new world.

The message boats are few and far between, but as one arrives with news of our kin’s latest adventures and achievements I book passage with the captain to sail to this world of Lineage II.

Though the waters between the worlds are difficult and those without the proper maps and magiks can easily be lost our kinsmen at the helm holds steady and true guided by his Elven senses and centuries of experience.

As the voyage progresses I find myself weakened and troubled. I pray and meditate as is my want but I am unable to contact either myself or a greater conscious. The healing skills and knowledge I know to be mine slip away as the waters between the worlds glide under the keel.

I know my purpose … or do I?

I was meant to serve others with my skills … but what skills are those?

My kinsmen need me … or do they?

I will serve my Lord Vorgen …

Yes that I still know to be true.

And so as we arrive in this new world fresh with promise, I find myself bereft of the skills of my past.

Bereft even of purpose … but focused on service to my Lord and kinsmen.

Welcome to new world …
Updated Feb 2006
Copy write Scott Lindquist